Fraud House keeper/ carer job opportunity

Hello guys, this is another scam e-mail I have received recently. Funny thing guy is not even mentioned what qualification he needs :-)  

You can learn more fraud e-mails and how they try to lure you here.

14 Jun

Castle End, Ruscombe,

Castle End Farm, Reading,

Berkshire, South East England,

United Kingdom.

I am Dr. Henry White, Native of Scotland. I work in Italy (Rome) for over Three months now, but my family is based in London, I will love to hire a caring male or female house keeper/manager directly who is willing to work in my house in London as a house keeper/Manager and also to manage my private firm (Buying and Selling Business). I will like you to know that I have 2 daughters 10 and 8 years old, I can afford to be paying you Ѓ’2,500 Great British Pounds Sterling's every four weeks and up keeping money every week of Ѓ’200 Great British Pounds Sterling's and this is outside your Ѓ’2,500 Great British Pounds Sterling's,. Kindly get back to me if you are interested in this offer.
Interested applicant can submit his/her CV via email (
Employment Status: Full time
Type of Remuneration: Salary plus incentives
Job Location: United Kingdom

Best Regards

Dr. Henry White

Tel: +448719152533

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