Email scam definition with an example

As per Wiki, e-mail definition is as follows.

 I have received multiple scam( hoax) emails from various people but being enough technical, I can easily identify its authenticity and I never respond to them. Sometimes I think people/ hackers send this kind of emails because they probably getting response from innocent people.
Fishing emails from Nigeria
To tell you an example of fraudulent emails claiming that they are from Google Corporation, I have copied one here I have received today and asking for all my details like Contact address, mobile number, Nationality, SCANNED COPY OF ID PROOF etc.., if anyone shares all those details, it’s easy for anyone to easily break their email passwords, bank login details or it could be anything. I think most of the people refer this kind of emails as “Nigerian/ Ghana scams, online scams, internet scams etc.

Guys, be careful, don’t EVER EVER respond to this kind of emails and report them as SPAM.

Google Corporations.
Belgrave House 76
Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ
United Kingdom.

You have a confidential message from Google Incorporated
United Kingdom.
You have been awarded a grant sum of 950,000.00.00GBP.

You are advised to contact your Claims Administrator(Dr David
Brown) with the following details to avoid unnecessary delay
and complications:
(1) Your complete contact address---------------------
(2) Your Tel/Mobile numbers: ----------------------------
(3) Your Nationality/Country: ---------------------------
(4) Your Full Name: ---------------------------
(5) Occupation/Company: ---------------------------
(6) Age/Gender: ---------------------------
(7) Have you ever won an online lottery? ---------------------------
(8) What is your comment on Google Product and services? --------------
(9) Alternative email account if any: ---------------------------
(10)Attached Scanned Copy of ID Proof-----------------------------

Dan Cobley
Google CEO UK & Ireland.

For the benefit of the benefit of others, I would like to share all possible fake emails here in order.