sachdeva sonali, origin from India - Scam

Guys, recently I had exciting conversation with a lady (asthis person claims) about helping her but after spending some time on my own simple investigation, I am 100% sure that it’s all fraud. 

To support my statement as its fraud, I have few reasons.

1- When I requested he/she sent a copy of passport which is modified passport of British Prime Minister David Cameron. Copy of the passport she sent to me is copied below.  How do I know it doesn’t belong to her? Leave a comment if you really want to know :)

2 - He/she shared two UK contact numbers but none of them works when I tried to call

3- When I asked him/ her to share the pic which she took with her mother, she did not respond. Obviously she doesn’t have that pic with her. 

David Cameron passport copy

But honestly, I felt this is real when I saw him/ her first e-mail. Good job :-)

These kind of regular e-mails tell me that fraudulent/ e-mail scams are increasing. Read through following conversation. Red represents scammer email and green is mine.

For more scam e-mail format or for examples, refer to this link.

From: "" <>
To: Recipients <>
Sent: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 9:51 PM
Subject: Namaste[Scanned]

I am sachdeva sonali, origin from India. I have something important to discuss with you.

Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 06:24:56 +0800
Subject: Re: Namaste[Scanned]


From: Sonali Sachdeva <>
To: Sam <>
Sent: Thursday, 3 October 2013 8:38 PM
Subject: RE: Thank you for your quick reply to my mail

Thank you for your quick reply to my mail and kindly forgive the delay in responding ,I do hope you and your loved ones are in good health. Kindly forgive my intrusion ,my email must have come as a surprise to you seeing that we hardly know each other ,I am a native of India ,Sonali is my good name, female and 26 yrs of Age I presently live in the England.

I am mailing you to seek your help in a financial matter ,you see I am an only child ,my father passed away when I was 12 years old and i have lived with my Mum  who owned and operated a cancer center in Mississippi before she was jailed for charges of healthcare mismanagement charges.

You can see the link below to confirm what I am trying to say:

I am presently living in England and the reason why I have traveled here is to seek for the release of some of my Mum's monies that are with  financial institutions in Europe ,I would want you to assist me in this aspect in receiving the funds in India.

I would ask you kindly to take this seriously as I have been deceived before and I would only want you to respond to me if you are sincerely serious about helping ,I would also appreciate it if we do not discuss matters relating to relationships as men are prone to do as my present state of mind would not allow me to focus on that presently.

I would stop for now and look forward to your reply.

Wishing you and your family a prosperous week.

Sonali Sachdeva


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 06:51:09 +0800
Subject: Re: Thank you for your quick reply to my mail

Hi Sonali,

I am happy to help you but let me know what kind of help?

Financial help? if yes, please send me scanned copy of your passport so that I know you are really Sonali Sachdeva. I want to make sure that I am trapped in fraud.


On Friday, 4 October 2013 7:15 PM, Sonali Sachdeva <> wrote:

Thank you for your mail ,I do hope you and your family are well. i will send my photo in my next email,

I really need your help and i believe as an Indian like me,you will not abandon me,and also you can call me anytime.My second mail explained it all to you.i don't have an account here,i will call you as soon as i have international calling card.
I would want to relocate to India permanently but firstly I need to have this money safely in India ,I am asking you to assist me in moving this money to India where it would be available to me and of better use ,than just lying with some finance house ,I am willing to compensate you for all your efforts and would want to be sure if you can handle this ,can I trust you ,frankly this money is the only bright spot in the life of me and my Mum presently and loosing it would mean abject poverty .

You can choose whether to believe me or not ,I cannot force you or try to paint a picture of sorrow just for fun ,I am in sincere need of help and I have turned to your human side for assistance .

I would not want to bore you too  much with my stories of woes ,I would stop for now and hope for the best.

Thank you for your time and do have a pleasant day.



Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 17:21:28 +0800
Subject: Re: Thank you for your mail ,I do hope you and your family are well

Are sure about your driving license and number?

I tried to call on your number to see how genuine you are but my phone says invalid number.

Anyway, nice pics.


On Friday, 25 October 2013 7:44 AM, Sonali Sachdeva <> wrote:

Below are my details:


136 Gloucester Avenue

Chelmsford CM2 9LG

Essex England

Regarding the transaction ,the amount involved is Three Million Dollars ,it is presently in Europe with the Financial Security institution where it was deposited by my Mum ,with both of us agreeing to work together ,I will contact the Security firm with your details and request them to have the safe deposit sent to India and handed over to you in person ,I will then complete my arrangements and join you in India. I have also attached my pics to this mail.

Kindly provide me with details of yourself and let me know if I can trust you wholeheartedly in this ,the transaction is guaranteed to be a success and there are no illegalities ,all I require is your trust and willingness to help ,I will compensate you handsomely for your efforts too.

Kindly think about it and respond to me as soon as possible.


Sonali Sachdeva


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 05:35:49 +0800
Subject: Re: Trust

Hi Sonali, nice to hear from you again.

What happened to your previous contact number and you haven't confirmed about your driving license?

And also I appreciate if you can send  copy of  your passport and photograph with your mom to prove that she was your mom.


On Friday, 25 October 2013 9:36 PM, Sonali Sachdeva <> wrote:

Thank you very much for your early response to my email.I apologize for the late reply.i will call you when i have international calling card,but right now i need your help from a brother to a sister,am an Indian like you and need help urgently.also i am not on any social site now because of security reason,hope you understand?.you will have to let me come to india and then we can discuss ok,first let me get my things safe with you first ok.

We have hardly met in the past and my message to you must come as a surprise ,do forgive me if i have caused any discomforts ,the urgency of the moment has made me desperate ,I had gotten your email address from jobsites database mail extractor in India and it is this present situation that has made me contact you ,a total stranger  to help me in this transaction,I want someone who is not related to my family in any way ,someone who can be trusted to help us confidentially

Like I had written in my first mail to you,the Funds was deposited by my Mum with a Security company in Holland providing  confidential vaulting services,the contents of your deposit is known to you only and the services are very reliable.Now that things have turned out this way and I need money presently ,I want to ask the security company to move our safe deposit from Holland back to India,so that we would be able to have access to the money,I would want to present you as a recipient of the Safe Deposit,this amount is what we have left and we would not want to loose it ,there are legal bills to pay ,health and the family welfare as a whole,my Mum and I are suffering presently and I have reasoned that the only way we can survive is to have that funds sent back to India,i have the necessary documents with which the deposit box will be sent to India without any hassles ,you would receive it there,take it to a safe place till where we will decide on what we will do.

You are not known or related to the family so there really would not be any problem,it would be a very simple transaction between you and me and if you do not tell anyone then nobody will know about it.We hardly know each other and all that but I believe my family situation is not news to any Indian anymore,everyone must have heard about the issue ,I am begging you from the core of my Indian being to help us with a little kindness.
I guarantee you that you will be well compensated and that this poses no risk to you.
Should you feel inclined to assist me,I would want you to provide me with
Your full names:
Phone number:
Home address:
Photo identification:
Marital stastus:

I want this full details of you in your next reply.These information are only for the purpose of naming you the bonafide recipient of the safe deposit to the Security company in Europe. Pics of me are attached, open the below file.
I would stop for now and look forward to your response.

Do have a pleasant day.



Me You haven't sent your photograph with you mom. Send ASAP Thanks,

To Sonali Sachdeva

26 Oct

You haven't sent your photograph with you mom. send asap


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