I am continuously receiving these hoax job e-mails which really help to educate you guys. This is another example how scammers sends e- mail asking for “scanned copy of international passport and certificates”. 

These documents are used most the times for ID theft. There is a possibility of applying for credit card on your name with above details because when you send passport and certificates,scammer can easily apply for credit card on your behalf.
Other things is, no idiot can ask document copies in first e-mail who is offering job :) Anyway, be careful and don’t respond to this kind of e-mails.
Just to help others, if you receive this kind of e-mails, please share in comments section( report e-mail scam) so that others will be aware of more possible hoax e-mails types.
Good morning, I'm Philip More a British citizen. I received your email address from a job portal in India that you are interested to work in abroad. I would like you to send the copy of your resume and international passport for the vacancy post of housekeeping manager. I'm presently looking for an assistance of a foreign employee who can give instructions and take proper management on my behalf to other employee’s. For your notice, these are the job benefits, conditions and salary package.

1, Monthly salary 2,000 GBP after tax deduction
2, Weekly allowance 100 GBP
3, Accommodation Free
4, Free Medicals
5, Visa fees and air ticket to be responsible by me as your employer
6, Contract expiring date two years
7, Feeding Free

My self and family are leaving in London but i do travel most part of the world for business. Above are the conditions and benefits regarding the job so if you are satisfy, you would need to send me the scanned copy of your international passport and certificates for legal proceedings. Upon the receipt of the scanned document, i  would be sending you copy of agreement document needed to procure your visa and work permit in the embassy. My family details, job responsibilities and your duties will be sent to you once i receive your details

Philip Moree