Fraud Charity e-mail scam

Are you kidding? :-)

Do you think  people are idiots who believes your email and respond with the details what you are asking?
This is one of the email scam out of many where scammer send an email posing as some big company CEO and would like your help for his charitable organization.
I have received following email few days ago and after some thought, I can clearly say that it’s fraud. And also I found same content in some New Zealand government website to alert their citizens.
So in summary, don’t respond this kind of emails.

Good day to you, i have a charitable project for you to help me to
execute in your country. I want to send 20% of my fortune to you and i
want you to help me utilize it to help charitable organization,
Les-privileged in your society. The total money i am sending to you is One
Million United State Dollar's and you will take 10% for all your expenses
and your work and please i need you to use the balance for the charitable
work for the Les-privilege in your country. I choose you because i felt
you will have a good heart in helping me actualizing my dream. I am
presently on a medical examination in the hospital and i have been told i
have about Six(6) month's to live. So i want to disburse most of my
fortunes to help the needy. Please i do not have much time if you can help
me just send me the following details:
Your Full names, Full Address, Occupation, Age/Sex, Nationality,
Phone/Mobile number's.
In receipt of your mail and details requested above i will instruct you
on details and in one(1) week from the day i receive your details the
money will be sent to you to execute the project.

Thank you for your understanding.

Steve Armaru Douglas (C.E.O)
S.D Armaru Investment Co.Ltd
340-341 Oxford Road
Manchester. England.
United Kingdom