Fraud Western Union Money transfer request

This is continuation to my previous article which I have written in regards to email scams which targets innocents for identity theft or make them to transfer money.

This is another example of email for you to be aware of… Hope it helps others realise this kind of emails are fake. Never respond to them.

Your First Transfer MTCN: #8002607422

This is very urgent Our Operation manager has sent your first payment of
$5000.00 to you. Here is what we needed from you to complete the transfer, You’
re Name, Your Address ID CARD COPY and Your Telephone Number: Noted That Only
Fee Request from You Is for Reactivate Transfer Files Sum Of $105 Only, No More
Fee again after that.

Western Union Agent: Mr.Suleman Isah
E-mail ::
Bellow is your first payment for $5000usd sent today.

Sender Name: Chegwe Onyebuchi
Receiver Name: In Ur Name
Question= In God?
Answer= We Trust.
Amount Sent: $5000.00

Best Regards,
Mr. Larry John

If you have received this kind of email, please share your experience to make other aware of these scams