This is continuation to my previous article which I have written in regards to email scams which targets innocents for identity theft or make them to transfer money.

This is another example of email for you to be aware of… Hope it helps others realise this kind of emails are fake. Never respond to them. This looks bit promising but it's very unreliable, hard to believe unless you want to risk your money to try :-)

By looking at the subject "EMERGENCY BUSINESS ENQUIRY" many people thinks, it's something serious and real ;-)

Dear Sir,

I want to introduce you to this life-time Business Opportunity that will benefit us and our family.My name is Mr. James xxx,I work in the production department with this Veterinary Company in Ghana. Our company is into production of Animal Anti-Viral Vaccines,Animal drugs,Animal Flu Vaccines in Africa and sub-sahara Africa.
There is this Animal Anti-Viral Vaccine Chemical that our company needs to buy urgently for the production of Animal Anti-Viral Vaccines.Due to lack of this Chemical in our laboratory and the scarcity of this Chemical,my company Director(Boss) is in desperate need of this Anti-Viral Vaccine Chemical to buy in large quantity for the Anti-Viral Vaccines production.
This Chemical is only manufactured in India.This Chemical is not in the open market.My Boss don't know where to buy this Chemical because he lost the contact of the formal supplier but i know where you can buy this Chemical,I have the contact of the India local dealer where you can buy the chemical and supply to my director.I have contacted you to link you up in this business so you can secure and handle this business.

The India local dealer sale the Chemical at $30,000 USD per liter and you will supply to my company at $65,000 USD per liter.You will share the profit you make during this business with me.This business will be a long time business supply between you and my company if you can convince my Boss that you can supply the Chemical to the company.

If you are interested to manage this business,i will give you all details and guidelines to secure this business.
This is strictly buying and selling.

Contact me for more details Via my email:

Mr. xxxx