Google Hangouts settings

This post is continuation to my post in regards to Samsung galaxy S2 (Android) firmware upgrade.

As soon as Android update completed, you will see software called “Hangouts” on your phone. After some research, I understand that it’s nothing but upgraded version of Gtalk. It will automatically log you into Hangouts/ Gtalk if you have Gmail application installed and you logged into it on your
phone. I personally always select “Invisible” in Gtalk  but Hangouts expose you to your friends as “Online” and funny thing is friends started saying “Hi” to me and I am surprised from these messages are coming from and how do  they know I am online. Later I realized that making Gmail application logged in user as “online” in Hangouts is the default setting.
A good thing about Hang out is, you can do Video chat from this application and you can use Google/ Gmail account.
Steps to Sign out of Hang out are as follows. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an option to make me invisible in Hangouts.

1.       Open “Hangouts” and navigate to  Settings

2.       In settings, go to “Account” section and click on Sigh Out.

After signing out of Hang out, I felt relaxed :)
Later I found an option to uninstall Hangouts application from my phone, steps are as follows.
On Samsung Galaxy S2
1.       Go to Settings –Application Manager

2.       Select “hangouts” application from list and click on it.

You will see “Uninstall updates” option after clicking this, it will uninstall Hangouts and leave with Gtalk which you cannot uninstall ;-)

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